Within the last few months Abersea have been working with Texas based Clover Tool Co, to put in place an Agency agreement. The Agency agreement will see Abersea become Clover’s European representative which will help give local support to Clover’s clients and equipment. The agreement came about due to both Abersea and Clover having a very similar ethos regarding Health and Safety, Customer Service and a similar customer base. The agreement covers Clovers line of Hydrostatic Pressure Test Units for both Semi Subs and Jack-Ups, and all other products in the Clover Tool lineup.

Abersea- Engineering Director Barry Canfield says

“Clover has a deserved reputation for quality. They have products that more than meet the demands of clients and environment alike. The fact they have had zero failures on any units out working in the field is significant. It’s easy to see why so many drilling contractors have standardized on these units. We are proud to be representing Clover here in the UK and Europe.”

“This a great and exciting time for Clover Tool Co. as we grow our brand even more in the international market. Abersea brings years of experience, a strong reputation and aligns with Clover’s business structure, ethics and integrity for Clover to continue to provide Clover Tool and Abersea’s clients with first class service.”

Abersea, look forward to this exciting venture with Clover Tool Co and welcome all our clients to visit the Abersea website which has a page dedicated for Clover products.

Alternatively please see Clover Tool’s website for further details.