MESH Global have developed an innovative system designed to help companies reduce their carbon emissions during operations. As the global demand to reduce carbon emissions intensifies, our clients are already starting to see the benefits of the MEMS (MESH Energy Management System). The system allows companies to accurately monitor not just how much energy they are using, but exactly how the energy producers and consumers are using this energy. The MEMS takes an all-encompassing approach to monitoring energy consumption and takes readings from multiple source points across an entire asset. From engines and drilling systems, to lighting circuits and accommodation.

Once this data has been collected from various sources / systems, it is aggregated to a central point for on-site monitoring whilst simultaneously being transferred onshore via cloud-based technology for real time monitoring. This allows the data to be analysed and trends identified. Data driven decisions can then be made that enhance the operational efficiency of the asset and subsequently reduce carbon emissions.

The system also ensures that companies are remaining compliant with the requirements of ISO:50001. This requires that companies show continuous improvements in carbon emissions reduction as part of their energy management strategies. The MEMS provides an initial energy consumption baseline, enabling ongoing monitoring and refinement of processes to achieve reductions in carbon emissions, whilst retaining operational efficiency.

For more information on the MEMS and our recently completed project for Total, please see the case study page.  You can also download the full Brochure

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