Raisepower has completed the design, build and installation of a new BOP HPU skid for the Ensco 71.

To date, Raisepower has carried out upgrades and enhancements to the BOP Controls Systems on board five of six rigs within the Ensco North Sea Fleet (with the sixth one planned for 2016), affording them compliance with current API requirements, as well as commonality of equipment, parts, support and training throughout the fleet.
Various upgrades and enhancements were carried out for each rig, including replacement and recertification of accumulators, upgrade of control circuits (tanks, piping, manifolds, etc.) to stainless steel, high performance filtration systems, replacement of air pumps with Raisepower’s own design of “Irn Man Pumps”, which meet the stringent requirements of API S53, as well as (where required) replacement or recertification of the electrical control components and interfaces.
Thus far, Raisepower has met each tight deadline, affording the rigs to return to operations on schedule. Ensco’s teamwork with us in the planning and execution of these projects was critical to these achievements, an ever evolving and growing relationship which we believe both parties are very proud of. Planning and teamwork definitely does make that critical difference to a project’s success.